I don't think that there can be enough praise for Andi and her team's creativity, execution and overall excellence when it comes to Wedding decor, styling and florals. Like many other brides, I scoured Instagram to find the perfect event design specialist who would fit the vibe of my destination wedding and when I found Andi, it was clear she REALLY had vision. My husband and I have eclectic taste and knew we wanted color, fun and modern infusion into our decor at Haraszthy Vineyards to compliment the diversity of our guests coming from all over the world. Andi and I had many discussions over many months to get to know each other, and find the perfect color combinations and details to fit naturally into the flow of the day, and stand out against the casual vibe of the vineyard. Despite my murky attempts to describe what I envisioned in Hungarian, and lucky for me Andi speaks English as well, I knew I could trust her fully. Her willingness to collaborate with kindness and creativity was so special to me. From the first mood board Andi shared, I knew she would absolutely deliver something special. The moment I saw my bouquet for the first time, I was awestruck, and it just got better and better from there. Andi and her team delivered the most spectacular floral arrangements with color I never could have dreamed of, flowers I've never seen before, all with unique structure - we went with wildflower and ikebana arrangements, and decor compliments to bring out the unique floral shades in different ways. My guests were blown away, my jaw was on the floor, I had tears in my eyes from joy, it was truly the exact vibe we were searching for. It was breathtaking and I'm still buzzing from the joy and surprise of it all. I am truly lucky to have found Andi, and I hope future brides find her and feel this way about her work as well. She is one of a kind and a truly lovely human, I have much love in my heart for her. Thank you, Andi!
From florist to friend, Andi meant the most to me during my wedding planning process. I found Andi on Instagram. Her talent and creativity was unique—romantic, imaginative, artistic, delicate, glamorous. Over several months and meetings, she took the time to understand me as a person, and develop our collaborative ideas into concrete, detailed plans. We dreamed up a wild and magical fantasy inspired by my beautiful childhood memories and artworks that mean the most to me. I had unusual and complex requests—nothing was standard or turn-key. Andi and her team worked endlessly and tirelessly, and their efforts showed: Andi created my dream world. For New Yorkers who have seen it all, she took everyone’s breath away event after event of my wedding weekend. Andi exceeded my highest expectations in every regard (and it goes without saying, they were very high). The decor and florals were elegant without excess, dramatic yet refined, and incomparably beautiful. Beyond her hard work, spectacular design, exquisite taste, and flawless execution, I was incredibly moved by the love and care she put into the tiniest elements. Every flower, every cherry was hand-picked and hand-placed. She listened thoughtfully to my descriptions, but also had extremely valuable feedback, insights, and knowledge that led to impeccable results. Andi Gruber is a visionary and an incredibly special woman. Hire her without looking back, trust her without reserve, and let her weave your own dreams into . . . the kind of dream worth living for. One that will be etched into the memories of those you love most, forever.

Angela Redai Barnhart
(Photo credit: Pinewood Weddings)

Andi brought to life my dream wedding, what she did was more than decorating. Everything was absolutely stunning, she has perfect taste, everybody was breathless. I wish I could have frozen that day forever in time. She pays attention to small details but can also go all out with statement decorations. She has a real talent with flowers, very creative. She is very professional, an excellent listener, she is patient and accommodating, trustworthy, and more importantly an absolutely lovely person in and out. You will love working with her. Look no further, you are in good hands, she is the one you need! - Sandra Chino
Andi was amazing to work with, she was always so kind and prompt to respond to our emails and phone calls. Her English is fantastic so as a non-Hungarian speaker, I never felt out of the loop on any correspondence. Her design ideas were so beautiful and the implementation was over the top! She wanted to make sure everything was perfect and I was surprised even the week of, she was sending us ideas to improve our overall design and those elements really pulled everything together. She was my favorite vendor to work with and I’m so grateful we found her. We officially dubbed her our ‘GAWD-ess’ (goddess) because she was so exceptional! Thank you Andi!
Molly & Ádám
(Photo credit: Vámos Csaba - Vamos Wedding Photography)

Planning a wedding from abroad is no easy task! We started off with a few video calls with Andi to talk through her process and our vision. Andi was so collaborative and transparent right from the start, we knew right away we had made the right choice! The details of our decoration and flowers were so important to us that her transparency, patience and collaborative style were a perfect match to help set our minds at ease throughout the entire process.

Andi really took the time to understand our style and our vision for the day. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome, it was even more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.

Andi is truly gifted at what she does. Every detail was perfect and completely exceeded our expectations. Our friends and family are still raving about the unbelievable flowers and decor!

Thank you for helping our dream wedding come true.

Jessica & Péter
I cannot rate Andi and her team highly enough, she made our wedding dreams come true! She is so creative and has so many wonderful ideas to make your day special. Andi is very easy to work with and very approachable with her own style but also respectful of any ideas or requests you may have. She made our wedding like a fairy tale, it was so very special and it was absolutely perfect. Andi was always easy to contact and so friendly and positive in all of our interactions, most of which were via email or private Facebook messages and she put my mind at ease about everything which is so important when you are planning a wedding (let alone one that is abroad!). The décor and flowers she designed made the venue so special that everyone was lining up throughout to take pictures to post on social media! Every detail was thought of and she was very respectful of the venue and what it could offer and she made sure her decoration worked in collaboration with the environment rather than trying to overtake it. It was truly a pleasure to work with Andi, she is so young but already such a great success with her innovative mind and desire to do the best she can for every client. If we ever come back to Budapest to plan a party/event, she will for sure be the ones to do our decorations!

Kind Regards,

Shannon & Olly Procter
Andi was super collaborative, resourceful, and creative. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for fabulous floral arrangements at their wedding. She exceeded all expectations.

Bianca Martin
Thank you Andi for making our wedding so beautiful! It all turned out much better than we could ever have imagined ourselves, and the flower compositions (absolutely loved my bridal bouquet!) were truly stunning. We can’t thank you enough for all the details that made our special day even more special. Bests, Krisztina & Andreas
Andi is the absolute best decorator! Our wedding decoration was simply stunning! It was more beautiful than we ever dreamed of in its every detail. The atmosphere of our wedding was perfect. We received so many compliments about the flowers! Andi is a real professional with superb taste. She is also incredibly nice and very reliable, she was my first person of contact during the preparations on the big day. She was immensely helpful and we are forever grateful!
Organizing our wedding in Hungary when my husband is non-Hungarian was a bit of a challenge, Andi however was a huge helping hand. She could easily communicate in English, she understood exactly what we had imagined and the decoration she created was astonishing. All friends and family from all around Europe complimented on 2 things after the wedding: the decoration and the pálinka. : )

Judit & Christoph Schwalb

Not only the female but even our male guests were amazed by  the wonderful scenery Andi has created for us. Although we had some ideas before, seeing her previous work made us trust her and give her free rein – and we were beyond satisfied with her work. Her kindness and professionalism shone through our wedding preparations as well, and her calming presence erased all doubts whatsoever about anything going any way other than what we dreamed of. We hope that others will have the honor and luck to work with Andi as their decorator, because if they do, that will be the time of their lives.

Diána Jécsai & Máté Jancsó

Choosing the date for our wedding only depended on two people’s tight schedule: my sister’s and Gruber Andi’s. From the very first moment it was obvious to us that she’s the one we need! She paid attention to the smallest details and what’s more important than that, she focused on US and our relationship which she smartly incorporated into the design. Our guests still recalls the brilliance and harmony of the decoration. I consider us very lucky to have had the fortune of working with Andi, because she perfectly understood  and even perfected our idea of a dream wedding! We plan to renew our vows every 10 years, so just to make sure the date is available in Andi’s tight schedule: I now officially book Andi and her team for those days! : ) Thank you for everything, dear Andi!

Anna Korsós-Romics

Even when we first met, Andi convinced us that everything will be safe in her hands. She listened to our every word, and we could feel that she puts her whole heart into her work. She welcomed us with open arms every time we met, and she kindly answered every email we sent her asking about anything. It was extremely reassuring to know that we could count on her, and that our wedding was just as important for  her as it was for  us.
I had a ton of ideas and I knew exactly what style I wanted our wedding to be. Andi and her team realized these ideas perfectly. To be honest, not only did they materialize my thoughts with the decoration, but they created a whole atmosphere for our wedding.
Even today if I close my eyes, I can picture the location of our reception. It was amazing! It was everything I’ve always dreamed of and more… because it was radiating the warmth, love and care she has put into our day. Andi and her team made our evening magical and unforgettable and we  will always be grateful for that.

Emese & Gregoire

Andi Gruber ™ is a brand! I can only talk about her using superlatives because what she does is extraordinary and it all comes so natural to her. I loved the concept, the way she works, because she is both professional and friendly at the same time, full of love and ease. The love for her work radiates out of everything she does. She created a funky and beautiful boho wedding for us, and we loved all of her ideas. She is a miracle worker, and I wish for her to stay the way she is, so that many more couples could experience her magic in the years to come! I wish for an Andi Gruber for every engaged couple in the world!

Kinga Pakai

There was less than a month left until our wedding when we found Andi ‘Angel’ Gruber; it was very last minute but we couldn’t have wished for any better thing to happen. It was obvious after our initial meeting that we wanted noone else but her. We came to meet her with my sketch for the wedding invitations, some pictures from Pinterest and some ideas only existing in my head and Andi immediately sensed our vibe and started brainstorming right away. In a matter of days, we had our invitations which we collaborated on; she was incredibly patient with us and sought to fulfill our wishes. Pairing it all with her own style and ideas she made everything perfect!
I loved planning the wedding with her, and I loved that through her imagination, my own visions started to materialize in a beautiful way. She listened to my ideas and tried to incorporate it when she could, while also keeping me in check when I got carried away. : ) In the last couple of days, we didn’t even check in with her work because we wanted to be surprised ourselves. We already knew the location so that was no surprise, but the rest was something otherworldly and beautiful. She exceeded all our expectations and more, she is a miracle worker - we can’t be grateful enough for her and her team.
We love her forever, but she must know this! : )

Bara Bátori-Révész