It feels good to receive but even better to give – we have already learned this in kindergarten with our first handmade presents given to our parents. Childhood cliché or not, we still wholeheartedly believe in this idea. We obsessively love our work, we like to pour our hearts and souls into everything we create and more than that, we love to bring joy to people’s lives with what we do.


G.A.W.D. is a wedding-focused full-service event design studio dedicated to create unique and captivating environments with a detail-driven, personalized approach. From the jaw-dropping “WOW” elements through the overall graphic design to the romantic, lush flower arrangements and installations – we do it all and design even the tiniest bits of details with purpose and heart. It is our mission to provide outstanding quality service for our clients, to live and breathe their big day and help to create an ever-lasting happy memory of their cherished celebration.


Founder & designer

Falling in love with flowers was a pretty obvious thing for me as a small girl hanging out and spending a lot of time in my grandma’s  garden. She grew her own flowers and created beautiful gardenesque bouquets that were well-known in our hometown. As a child, I had always gravitated towards a creative career path: at first, I simply wanted to be a world-famous painter, but quite soon I decided to rather want to be a fancy fashion designer. Long story short: I think the love for creation has always been there in me, however, as I got older I took another turn and got a degree in communication and worked in broadcast journalism for 10 years. Despite of the tremendous amounts of experience, great friendships, and fond memories I got from those years, I slowly started to lose my ground in that environment. The turning point was in 2014, when my then-fiancé, Miki and me had been getting ready for our own wedding, creating all the DIY design elements of our wedding decoration and I suddenly realized that this was exactly what I missed : the joy of free-flowing creativity and creation, and the bliss of being around flowers… I knew that I just found my calling… I took a dive and decided to reroute my life. I quit my job and started to build my own small business which was  literally born in our living room and since then it has grown into a full-fledged wedding design studio in which my photographer husband, Miki is involved as well. It is a complete bliss to think of the fact that through our work, we have met so many wonderful couples in the last few years, we have been to such beautiful places, and have attended  countless amazing wedding weekends. I am forever grateful that this is our life and our path.